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Your indispensable guide to who, what, and where on the web.
We know that you dont get to spend enough time surfing the net as much as youd want to. Thus, we took the initiative of searching for the hottest sites so that you can browse them at your convenience. Stick around ASSOC 2000 for seamless access to only the best!

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Ateneo de Manila University The homepage of our alma matter and the Philippines' finest academic institution.
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ASSOC's A-List
Invisibleweb With a directory of over 10,000 databases and archives, Invisibleweb guarantees to deliver targeted, precise information to avoid the frustration of futile repetitive results.
High-octane info Pit babes, screensavers, car pictures, news, and articles abound in this high-revving site. Take a pit stop and get the lowdown on Formula One.
Designer outlet Loaded with designer labels at discount prices, now you can look like a million dollars for just a few bucks (well, almost).
Perform better How to treat a dog bite, catch a bird...this site is packed with loads of useful (and useless) tips on "how to".
Movie mania Brilliant, comprehensive film site featuring movie news, reviews, and ratings. Movie fanatics, stop here!
Naked truth Finally, a site that offers the single most important fact you must know before watching any movie: does the female lead get naked?
Red-hot celebrities Heres one absolutely fabulous site featuring a host of hot pics on all your sizzlin celebs.
Go on, we dare you Wanna ogle at a bevy of nubile young ladies dressed in the skimpiest of erotic underwear? Then youve come to the right place.
Splashing Chicks Saying the girls in this site are hot is like saying the Pacific Ocean is moist.