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SIGN UP SHEETS: In the beginning, prospective members didnt fill out forms to join ASSOC. ASSOC chose them. Insiders handpicked only friends for the arduous, long-term service. However, June 1991 saw a considerable decrease in the ranks, as the existing members knew fewer candidates from the lower batches. Accordingly, ASSOC opened its doors to anyone who aspired to join. In order to get more acquainted (F.C.) with the current members and the alumni, the recruits had to obtain the corresponding signatures to the names that appear on the list.

BACK TO SCHOOL TOMAAN (B.S.T): Established in July 1991, when Boyet Ignacio invited the fellas over for drinks at his house in Marikina. The boozing session became the opportunity for the 5 to 10 new recruits (Osmi, ADG, Wally the Wing, Eli B., Guido & company) to mingle with the crew. The turnout was not that huge yet it was a good starting point for a school-opener party dubbed, Back to School Tomaan!

SEPTEMBER STORM: September 1987, to celebrate the combined birthdays of several ASSOC members, namely Blue Festin, Joel Garma, Gerry Sison, Gary Tulio, Popop Sumulong, & Alan Almera. Rico Limpingco coined the term September Storm after the neighbors of Edong Eulalia in Teacher's Village (the venue of the first Storm) almost called in the cops. It was also intended as a pun in response to those school organizations that came up with saucy titles for their shindigs. That night, those who didnt make it back home crashed in the Ateneo High School Days with the Lord. All Bro. Dunne could do was wonder where these additional staffers who were sleeping like logs came from. After years of the September Storm as the annual reunion it was decided that the aspirants shoulder the expenses due to the great number of people who joined in 1992, among of which are Elmer da B, Dato Arroyo & Face Maquiling. Two years later, a popular vote requested that the Storm become a costume party for the newcomers. Hence the first Storm with a costume theme was kicked off at Joey Velosos backyard. Robert Martinez won best costume because everyone thought that the party was catered. Since then, the theme of the costumes has perennially changed. Certainly, the Storm is the much-awaited ASSOC gathering for the alumni.

OCTOBEERFEST: Originally the merrymaking of Mhels birthday, this month-long event is still being carried on at the watering holes that ASSOC frequents on weeknights.

HANG A PAROL: Aside from those God-given looks, this was the project that put ASSOC on the map and affirmed that the barkada is not just a bunch of goons. Before the benefactions went to the Tulong Dunong scholars of Fr. O'Brien, but when he passed away ASSOC continued the parol sale, only this time the proceeds were allocated for the Santa Claus project.

A Christmas party ensued the first Hang a Parol, wherein the capital for the project (which incidentally came from individual contributions) was tapped to buy the booze and food. The budget, pegged at P600.00, was enough to purchase 10 cases of beer and with pulutan to boot. Unfortunately, it was the same P600.00 that left a P2,500.00 property damage on Jovy Valenzuelas house after the amuck. Except for the wreck expense, the auspicious occasion incited ASSOC to make the yuletide get-together an annual affair.

ASSOC GOES TO MONGOLIAN GRILL, SAISAKI, TAKAYAMA: To start the new year with a bang, ASSOC hatched this January gimmick as a means to take the chicks out or otherwise, simply to eat in a fancy eat-all-you-can restaurant.

GRADUATION PARTY: Naturally, the outgoing batchs treat. Sadly, this traditional gig has been discontinued as the seniors are out of sight after they march.

ALAK DE MAYO: The biggest event during summer was also a 10-in-1 birthday bash for the 10 May ASSOC celebrants, such as AA Aquino, Boyax Galicia, Ur Rodrigo, Jep Arcilla & Art Rono. Like other earlier gatherings, the venue for the Alak de Mayo was at the Ronos residence.

It is important to note that the aforementioned activities are merely a few of the vast plans that ASSOC has conceived from the beginning. As a matter of fact, a constitution was almost in the works until the guys woke up to reality. Perhaps it was on account of the groups inherently loose character that precluded the drafting of such a formal foundation. At any rate, what is clear is that ASSOC is more than just a tambayan; it has been a support group for its members. The shared experiences and unparalleled camaraderie of this unique band of brothers who hang out at Kostka Ext. have reinforced the bond that holds ASSOC together. From academics to rumbles and all other aspects of college life, ASSOC has been the bulwark of strength for the Ateneans who comprise it.
(Contributed by Mhel Garrido)

Jog Tongson - FHM Mag's September Stud

Tai-Pan - "Supreme Leader"
The Tai-Pans role isnt what it used to be. Back then, he was just a spokesperson and coordinator for the organization. In time, the position evolved and the powers of the chosen leader expanded. Apparently, the euphemism of a trader-adventurer is sourced from one of James Clavells best selling novel wherein he depicts the Tai-Pan as the supreme ruler. Actually, the title was another joke-turned-symbol of authority that everybody has taken seriously. That is why we tip our hats to all Tai-Pans for we know too well how hard it is to take charge of and control ASSOC...sometimes.
(Contributed by Blue Festin)